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Find the responsible

When you press 'search', you will automatically be redirected to the online application CatID.


The person in charge of the cat is solely responsible for checking the accuracy of his personal data in the cat registry. Any changes or corrections should be made by the responsible or by an approved veterinarian.

The responsible can only be found by entering the cat’s full identification number. This identification number is identical to the electronic chip. The identification number is stated on the registration certificate you received when your cat was registered at CatID.

If the result of the search states ‘exported’, it means that the cat has been sold or has moved outside the Belgian territory. These cats need to be registered in their country of residence. For any further queries, please consult the website of Europetnet ( CatID does not have any further information in these cases.

The microchip number must be an ISO number which consists of 15 figures.
E.g. 962052851260321

Previous formats:
9 figures + A
e.g. 111235271A
10 characters (random)
e.g. 9514076F1C, 7F7ED014F0.